In addition to the more than 200 years of accumulated testimonies that alone attest to the effectiveness of homeopathy, the field of scientific research also supports what more than two centuries of clinical observations have demonstrated.

The Quebec Coalition for Homeopathy is proud to be associated with this campaign by the collective MonHoméoMonChoix, which presents here some of the scientific experiments demonstrating the effects of homeopathic substances on animals, plants, and cells in vitro.

What better way to shake the certainties about the placebo effect as the only possible explanation?

This campaign by the French collective MonHoméoMonChoix, which brings together a large community of patients, experts and health professionals committed to homeopathy, was first broadcast in France. It has now been taken up by several organizations elsewhere in the world, notably in Tunisia and Spain, which are involved in the promotion of homeopathic therapeutics.

Homeopathy works, science says so